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  • 01:34 Popular World


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    TaeKwondo [World

  • 03:39 Popular Martial Arts Competition Board Breaking

    Martial Arts Competition Board Breaking

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    Lynx Black Belt Leadership Academy in Retford, Inter Club Competition

  • 05:01 Popular Don


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    See more from Britain

  • 00:29 Popular Meccanoid Grandma

    Meccanoid Grandma

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    Join The Contest at

  • 05:01 Popular Motivational art video (Live Your Dream)

    Motivational art video (Live Your Dream)

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    Hey whats up just wanted to try something different in this video i was feeling inspired by this particular speech that is given in this video i hope you all like this video as much as i do thanks for watching :) If you are looking for more clips like thi

  • 06:09 Popular Meccano Meccanoid Robot Construction Pitfalls and CONTEST!

    Meccano Meccanoid Robot Construction Pitfalls and CONTEST!

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    This video will give you the most common mistakes made when constructing your robot. Also provide information for the first ever Virtual Online Video Meccanoid CONTEST! This Robot is OPEN source what will we see at the contest March 1st. thru 27th virtual

  • 00:33 Popular Carson


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  • 02:11 Popular Archery - Fast Shooting (Murmansk)

    Archery - Fast Shooting (Murmansk)

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    a dagger technique Seregedel's school Initially I named this technique "kinzhalnaya" (Adjective from a word "kinzhal"(dagger)) because a dagger it is possible to beat faster than a sword, but, thus, you are more close to the opponent. Then I have learnt t

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Lead Generating

Register Today! Receive Some Great Advertising For Your School Or Business! 

My name is Master Ron Tramontano, and I would be honored if I could have your attention for as long as it takes to read this letter. I promise, if nothing else, you will be intrigued at what I am about to tell you. I have created the perfect way for school owners and business owners to add a substantial amount of money to their businesses bottom line. However, that’s not all; the best part of my creation is that it generate an unbelievable amount of new leads for your business, Now listen to this. it’s pretty much seamless and happens each and every month like clockwork. Here is a clear instructional video that will give you the highlights of the Virtual Project. Once you view this video please return to this page for more valuable information. Click Here


Highlights of the program:

1. Onetime fee, with a one-year money back guarantee

2. Students pay their entry fees at your school

3. Parents love it, no traveling and less expensive

4. Students love it, it’s so ‘now” their generation

5. This program is a monthly lead generating tool

6. Student skill level increase by leaps and bounds

7. Monthly estimated income for business owners $1000

8. Seamless and happens each and every month like clockwork without any help from you


New lead generating for all sporting events and fundraisers.

Organizers and Promoters, when you run your events on our website you will receive a report of friends and family members that viewed and voted for your participants. Tell your members to post their videos to Facebook, G+, Twitter and everywhere else to get their entry maximum exposure.

What We Do

We host all kinds of Sports Competitions, Fundraisers, Fitness Competitions for Professional Organizations.  We love to host and provide hands on help to owners and organizers running monthly tournaments and competitions on our websites. If you are an organizer of Dance Schools, Gymnastics Schools or any other sports minded organization, and would like to start making thousands of dollars each month, check us out.  We also produce an unbelievable amount of local and international leads for your organizations.

Below, Is A List Of Industries Able To Use Our Technology

  1. All Sports: Dance, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, BMX, Skateboard etc.
  2. Angel- Investors: Speed Pitch Your Deal To Investors.
  3. Fitness Industry: Contest
  4. Education: Fundraising

This is only a few, we are sure you can think a many more.


Hello And Welcome


Event Promoters. Looking for your own business? Try this.

Our websites will help you turn your events into an extravaganza!

My name is Ron Tramontano. If you are the promoter of any of the following types of events:

Tournaments, Auditions, Competitions, Fitness Events or Contests held locally or internationally and would like to add a new revenue stream using our fully functional high tech video online presence, today could be your lucky day!

Your clients, contacts, family and friends pay a $25 annual membership to participate on our websites. This membership supports in part the “Wounded Warriors Fund” to the tune of 5%.  Also, when you purchase our “Basic Plan” you will receive for each new member $2.  But wait, if you purchase our “Video Training Package”, you will receive $2 for every new member that joins or renews on any of our three websites. Joining our “Advance Skype Training” program, will pay you $2.50 for each new member and $3 for each renewal.

Start by registering as the organizer of your event. Then set up your event in our back office. Determine your entry fees and the month your event will start. Decide how you would like to use our patent pending technology to find the winners. Now, let your contacts and their friends know your event just went international they will spread the word for you. It’s as easy as that!


1. Promoters of Fitness Events, if you need to increase your reach and take your event International, you can do that right here on our website.

2. Organizers of Local Teams, Dance Schools,Gymnastic Schools, Martial Arts or other sports minded events that do competitions and or fundraisers, our websites are for you.

By running fitness competitions, contest and challenges you create for your members on our websites, you can raise or make thousands of dollars for your events.

Here are a few quick start videos to get you started:

How to send a video to our website. Click Here

These videos address the topic of fundraising. Click Here

Management Companies

In an effort to work with many Industry Leaders in so many fields our company Virtual Competitions Inc. has created the perfect way to:

  1. Increase revenues,
  2. Generate an unbelievable amount of leads.
  3. Provide an international online presence for companies.

 Today’s technology provides us all with the ability to compete all over the world with a simple video in areas of Sports, Fitness,  Tournaments, Auditions, Competitions , Contests , Fundraising, this list is ongoing. Contact us, We love helping businesses take giant leaps!

Why What We Do Works


Our websites work because; they are fun to participate in. So many more people from around the world would participate only if they had access to these kinds of events. Now with the help of our websites they do.  Who doesn’t want to create a video of themselves doing something exciting great or crazy?  Also our events are not for just one or two days, they run from the 1st, of each month thru to the 27th; giving Organizers and Members the time needed for a great turnout online.

New Kind Of Auditions, Competitions and Fundraiser

What’s great about our Competitions and Fundraisers, is each time you participate in one you get to keep a video that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Our events raise a considerable amount more money than do normal Competitions and Fundraisers because of the vast reach of the internet. Also no middle man to take a huge percentage of the monies collected for running your event.  These are only some of the things that make us different.  

What To Do First



All events on our website runs from the 1st. of every month to the 27th. Judges are able to view videos at any time and vote for overall best competitors within this time.

Judging on this website can be done in two ways by the following methods:

1.   Accumulated Star Voting and views. Each view is worth a half of a star vote. (20 views = 10 stars.) The winner of the event will be the video receiving the most accumulated amount of stars.

2.Auditions, Competitions and Fundraising Organizers, may designate for the purpose of finding the overall best competitor in their event up to four judges. These judges will receive special login codes that when used will provide the software the ability to find the best competitors of each event.

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