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 Meccanoid Robot Contest
 Meccanoid voice control,Meccanoid LIM Program,

Meccanoid Robot Contest

This is the first of many Meccanoid Robot Contest on our website. This GREAT Robot is OPEN Source and will prove to be a robot enthusiast dream. For now stay tune to the contest for more  challenging categories as they are added between now and CONTEST TIME. For now Category 1 asks to see your most creative LIM.

There is a $25 annual membership charge to belong to this website and the $25 will also pay for your ENTRY FEE into your first tournament of the year. So get ready for FUN and remember the winners will be the students with the most STAR VOTES and VIEWS!

Who Can Vote For You: Your whole neighborhood, Grandparents, anyone in the world you may know! Other Students,  robot enthusiast, robotic professionals, colleagues of yours, Kids at School, Friends at Church! OH how about Mom and Dad!

Here is MORE FUN! Get Mom and Dad to use Facebook, G+ and Twitter to get you even more VOTES and Views.

Example: Let’s say Grandma visits the website to look at your AWESOME VIDEOS. If Grandma just looks at the videos without logging in to our website, your videos will only receive a half of a STAR VOTE… BUT WAIT, if GRANDMA does LOG-IN she can give you up to FIVE STAR VOTES for each video you entered.  So TELL all your VISITERS to LOG-IN!

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